The PGFA Performance Center has created a new paradigm for teaching as well as performance training in the game of golf.



PGFA Performance Center

The PGFA performance center has created a new paradigm for teaching as well as performance training in the game of golf. Larry Castro has spent 30 plus years developing this system and has created the most comprehensive approach to sports performance in the industry. We incorporate our proprietary compound fluid learning methodology, which starts with “dynamic performance activation preparation™.” This compound learning modality allows us to get the best results in learning and playing and utilizing his new proprietary method, Proprioceptive Muscle Activation™n & Golf Muscle Activation™.

We are proud that many of the trainers on tour and in the media have gone through the PGFA training, and they have provided tremendous feedback to our cutting edge programs. The founder Larry Castro is considered a true pioneer, visionary, and motivational coach in the sports performance industry. About Larry Castro, click here.

Through compound functional movements and fluid teaching movements, we provide the best chance for success. The PGFA Golf Performance Program offers a continual system of performance and enhancement for all levels of golf, either amateur or pro. Sample GMA exercise. 

“My goal with every student is to teach them to teach themselves” Larry Castro PGFA Master Instructor 

We utilize Fluid Tempo Fitting™” to reveal more information about your unique bio-mechanical performance dynamics and unleash your performance DNA. Every student is taught with Core Impact golf training, and Fluid Strength training to achieve incredible success. We will set a plan in motion and will provide mental and nutritional coaching components of development through Lifestyle Performance training.

PGFA Performance Center is an exclusive and private location where Mr. Castro works with celebrities, touring pros, athletes, college athletes, amateurs, and junior athletes. We invite amateurs, juniors, seniors, women, professionals, and any level to work one on one with Larry Castro in this private setting. The only criteria required is a genuine desire as well as a commitment to achieve remarkable success. Larry Castro has had tremendous success, with LPGA players, PGA players, seniors, women, and junior golfers. Many of his prior students have achieved great success, from high school championships, college scholarships, tour championships and club champions.

We provide different packages from tour preparation, college preparation, and competitive preparation to the weekend warrior prep, or just the ability to play better golf and lifestyle. Our packages will open your eyes and direct you to better performance and health.

Our Program 

"I believe in every ones dreams, and know that whatever you truly believe you will achieve. This is only true if you have a plan and commit to it! You must walk the walk…"

Performance DNA Development 

• Performance Training
• Performance DNA Training
• Junior Performance Training
• Golf Performance Cycle
• Golf Muscle Activation
• Comprehensive Assessments
• Postural Analysis
• Performance Lifestyle Coaching
• Mental Training

• Fluid Strength Training
• Core Impact Training
• Fluid Tempo Club Fitting
• Education & Certification
• Product & Service Testing
• Product Development
• Packages Available

Live Your Dreams, Enjoy The Journey, and Live With Passion. “Larry Castro”


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